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Tuesday 27 October 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

September 13, 2020

In the session of the Meshrano Jirga on Sunday led by the first deputy speaker of the House, besides discussion on the peace talks, questions were raised from the acting minister of defense. 


In the session, the senators welcomed the holding of the first peace meeting between the representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban in Qatar, the senators called the continuation of the talks an urgent necessity and destiny, saying that the main and fundamental priority of the citizens is to end the war and crisis, and the parties must make the most of the opportunity and agree to a permanent ceasefire. A number of senators expressed their concerns on the low role of minorities and the inexperience of some cabinet members, the election of a spokesperson by the cabinet in Doha so that the full details of the meetings could be better shared with the media. Members of parliament called for real peace in the country, which required a national, regional, and international consensus, and said that the United States should also allow countries involved in the Afghan peace process to participate.

The senators said in the open discussion that while peace talks were continued in Doha, the war was raging in more than half of the provinces by the Taliban, including attacking the convoy of First Vice President Amrullah Saleh. Such incidents are hindering the peace process in the country, which must be stopped. 

Moreover, some senators discussed the beginning of the activity of public schools from the first to the tenth class, such as private schools that are opened, and stressed at solving the problems of the disabled and holding the week of the martyr and some other cases. 


Referring to the peace talks between Afghanistan between the representatives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban, Mohammad Alam Izad yar said: "We welcome the opportunity in the peace process." because for more than four decades, especially during the years of jihad and resistance and the subsequent years, the people of Afghanistan, have made countless sacrifices, these peace talks must be won according to an acceptable mechanism. Izad yar added that the role of the international community in the peace process is decisive and that Afghanistan is the common home of all ethnic groups and should be given an acceptable role. The government and the High Council of Reconciliation must satisfy everyone equally in all matters. 

The first deputy of the upper house condemned the attack on the convoy carrying Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, and expressed his condolences to the martyrs and called for the speedy recovery of the wounded. The first deputy of the Senate, while referring some issues to the relevant parliamentary commissions, recalled the week of martyrdom and the nineteenth anniversary of the martyrdom of the national hero and said that celebrating these occasions is addressing the demands and problems of the martyrs' heirs and continuing the path of martyrs. 

Following today's session, General Asadullah Khalid, Acting Minister of National Defense, while Gul Padshah Majidi, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, was also present, senator Mohammad Hashem Al-Kozai and other senators, while appreciating the sacrifices and achievements of the country's defense and security forces against terrorists, they said that the defense and security forces are the savior of the country, They should not be dealt in peace talks, but this national capital should be preserved and further equipped and strengthened.


Also, the ministry's plans to clear terrorist-captured areas in a number of provinces, repelling and defending terrorist attacks, the Taliban's further movements during the peace talks, coordinating with other security forces to ensure the security of public highways and the city of Kabul, equipping and training more ANA forces, the procedures in which the appointments were made and the change of personnel of that ministry, the movements of the Pakistani military along the hypothetical Durand Line, the transfer of the bodies of the martyrs from the battlefields on time and the care of the wounded, leaving matter of the army personnel, expressing gratitude for the timely action of the armed forces to repel the enemy attack in Abshar district of Panjshir province and to establish a regional army in this province, taking care during the operation to prevent civilian casualties, preventing those members of the regional army from misusing weapons in their areas, and other questions were raised by the senators.  


Then, Asadullah Khalid, the acting Minister of National Defense, suggested that his answers be kept secret from the media, which was accepted by the senators, and in the end, the senators expressed their satisfaction with the answers of Khallid.