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Tuesday 27 October 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

September 9, 2020

In the extraordinary session of the committee of chairs led by the speaker of the House, the agenda of the future plenary sessions were decided and condemned the blast on the convoy carrying the vehicles of first vice president Amrullah Salih. 


The Committee of Chairs decided to discuss the SAARC Development Fund bill at its session on Sunday, September 13th, and also the Acting Minister of National Defense to answer questions from members of the Senate regarding the increase in insecurity, and in the plenary session on Tuesday, September 15, the acting of the Ministry of Interior and the General Directorate of National Security shall be interrogated by the members of the House. 

Moreover, in plenary session on Sunday, September 20 in addition to open discussions, Presidential Decree No. 52 on the Establishment of the Afghanistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority and Legislative Decree No. 355 on Amendment, Addition, and Cancellation of Certain Articles of the Municipal Law will be discussed. Similarly, in the plenary session on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, in addition to the open discussion, work should be on the Legislative Decree No. 323 on the Law on Municipalities,

  Legislative Decree No. 357 on the addition of the Third Paragraph in Article 28 of the Law on the Establishment and the competence of the prosecutor, and Decree No. 49 on the establishment of the National Examinations Office.


During the Committee of Chairs, the horrific explosion on the convoy carrying the vehicles of Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, who fortunately did not injure himself but several civilians, including his bodyguards, were martyred and wounded, was strongly condemned and condolences were expressed to the families of the martyrs and injured. It was said that obvious and the hidden enemies of the Afghan people, by launching such hostile conspiracies, want to create obstacles to the collective will of our people, which is to ensure peace in the country.

In the other part of the session, it was decided that in official letters to ask the president and the High Council for National Reconciliation to include representatives of the Baluch’s, Pashai’s, Hindus, Nuristanis, Gujars, Aimaqs, Arabs, Sadat, and other minorities, as well as representatives of the disabled and youth in their councils. in the Committee of Chairs decided to commemorate the valuable efforts and services of Dr. Zalmai Zaboli, Chairman of the Senate Complaints Commission, and it was decided that he would be honored in one of the next session of this committee.


at the end of the session, condolence and sympathy were expressed with the family and relatives of the former senator Mohammad Hassan Hotak, and prayers were offered for the souls of the martyr and the martyrs of today's explosion in Kabul. it was assured that the proposal of the family members of Martyr Mohammad Hassan Hotak to name a school in the city of Qalalat in Zabul province by the name of the late will be shared with the relevant authorities in that province.