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Wednesday 12 August 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

July 5, 2020

In the plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga on Sunday, besides of open discussion, the senators expressed sympathy about the death of Muhammad Yousuf Ghazanfar. 


Speaker and other members of the Senate considered it a great loss and expressed his condolences and sympathy to the President, the Vice Presidents, the Turk ancestries and the family of the martyr, and considered him as a national figure, a gentleman and a benefactor, and prayed for his soul and other recent martyrs including Abdul Wasy Hijrat,


Muslimyar in his speech, informed about the martyrdom of Abdul Wasy Entezar Hijrat, the executive director of Sorkh Rud district of Nangarhar province, which martyred as a result of a sticky bomb in Jalalabad city, and expressed condolences to the family of the martyr, and said that in recent years, several members of the family have been martyred for the sake to preserve and maintain the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan system. 

During the session, some senators expressed concern over the increasing insecurity and casualties of civilians and military personnel, saying that while we are on the verge of peace talks with the Taliban, casualties and mysterious assassinations have severely concerned people. Due to this situation, the country's defense and security forces must take acceptable and timely measures and get out of the current defensive situation. They added that peace is a necessity and a priority for citizens and should stop those who hinder this process.


At the session, some senators expressed concern over the severe oppression of Muslims by the Chinese government and the silence of the international community on the issue. The emphasized that the United Nations, human rights organizations, and the Conference of Islamic Countries, including the Afghan government, should not be indifferent and to raise their voices to prevent the violation of all human rights in China.

In the open part of the discussions, the senators discussed the lack of transparency in the process of distributing bread to the deserving.

Emphasis on preventing embezzlement of funds on fighting coronavirus, requesting a meeting of the legal advisers of the departments with the second vice president, the deteriorating security situation in Uruzgan province and the issuance of a decision in this regard due to the sending of the delegation, Increase insecurity in Kabul, distribution of the plate number to the vehicles of the members of the National Assembly and some other issues was also discussed in today’s session. 

 In summing up part of the session, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga, while referring some cases to the relevant commissions, praised the work of the National Economic, Financial and Budget Commission for their timely decisions of the House and stressed that the commissions that assigned for specific tasks by the sessions should be implemented on time. Furthermore, Muslim Yar in his speech thanked the President of the country and the Acting of the Ministry of Interior for making a legal solution for the vehicles of the members of the National Assembly and said that the distribution of specific plates for the vehicles of the members of the national assembly is a positive and necessary step.


Speaker of the House expressed his concerns with the absence of some senators in the plenary sessions of the House, saying that their absence has prevented the current laws from being passed in today's session due to the lack of completion of the quorum. He stressed that the Senate would hold an extraordinary session on Tuesday, 7th of July, 2020, to pass laws, and warned that if senators did not attend the session without a reasonable excuse, their names would be announced in the media