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Approvals Of MJ
Wednesday 12 August 2020

The press office of the House of Elders

June 30, 2020

In today’s plenary session of the Meshrano Jirga which held in two parts by Speaker and first deputy speaker of the House, the session has approved a draft law and one presidential decree.


Draft of the Postal Services Law), which was studied in the Meshrano-Jirga’s commissions; It was presented to the plenary session by the Chairman and members of the Commission on Transportation and Telecommunications and was ratified. Also, Presidential Decree No. 157 about the amendment and addition to some (articles of the law of the Supreme Audit Office) which were also discussed in the commissions, presented in the session by chairman and members of the National Economic, Financial and Budget Commission and approved by majority votes.  Also, the agreement between the Government of the Republic of Afghanistan and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on Technical-Military Cooperation and the Copyright Treaty of the World Intellectual Organization was introduced in the session and referred to the Special Commission for study purposes.

In the open part of the session, senators called yesterday's terrorist attack in the Bazaar district of Sangin district of Helmand province a "crime against humanity, painful and tragic."  It was said that about forty people were martyred and wounded due to the hit of the rocket on the gathering place. The Senators strongly demanded that the causes and perpetrators of this terrorist incident be investigated and punished as soon as possible. Some senators also said that Shah Mohammad Shah, the police chief of Dehrawood district of Uruzgan province, was a very effective person in providing security for the district. Yesterday, it was mysteriously assassinated in the first district of Trin cot, and the enemy infiltrators may be involved in the implementation of this conspiracy, and this incident should be seriously investigated.


Furthermore, senators said that Ajmal Ahmadi, the Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, had recently fired several high-ranking employees of that bank, which was against the law and staffing. they added that Ajmal Ahmadi, who has been appointed at the head of this important institution, did not know the official languages and culture of the country and even during his tenure at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, he was disqualified by the Wolesi Jirga, which this issue should be seriously investigated. The senators emphasized the need for lasting peace and security in the country and said that the causing casualties of defense and security forces were due to the lack of a regular plan by the leadership of the security, defense, and intelligence sectors. The security forces should be more equipped and supplied, and appropriate military solutions should be designed and implemented

Moreover, Criticism on the US unbalanced policies over Afghanistan peace process and non-start of talks between Afghans, Emphasis on the care during the bombings and attention to the lives and property of civilians, the proposal to send a qualified delegation from the government to Paktia province due to the conflict between the two tribe, criticizing the activation of unnecessary packages by telecommunication networks without customer satisfaction, deteriorating security situation Ghazni province, and emphasis on investigating allegations of torture of workers by Alipoor-affiliated individuals in Maidan Wardak province and some other issues were also raised in the session.

In summing up part of the session, Speaker of the House called yesterday's incident in Helmand province a war crime and painful, and instructed the relevant commission to seriously investigate the issue with the relevant authorities, and added that civilian casualties of any kind were unacceptable and strongly condemned the assassination of the Dehraud district police chief in Uruzgan. He described him as a fearless commander, a true servant and a hero, and stressed that the General Directorate of National Security must investigate his assassination. Moreover, Speaker of the House expressed concern over the casualties of civilians and members of the armed forces, and called on the US leadership to take effective steps to ensure real peace and to work hard to bring peace to the people of Afghanistan, and should not be indifferent, and as a major political ally, must abide by his commitments to Afghanistan


Muslim yar called on the president to nominate his cabinet candidates to the Wolesi Jirga to complete the cabinet, and expressed hope that the House of Representatives would make the appropriate decision regarding the qualifications of the figures and the conditions of the country towards them.

Speaker of the House said that the conduct of the acting governor of the Afghanistan Bank with some officials was contrary to the country's accepted laws and principles, and instructed the House National Economic Commission to seriously discuss the issue. Muslim yar also called on government officials to look for solutions to the problem between the two tribes in Paktia province and to end the conflict as soon as possible.