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Saturday 11 July 2020

The Press office of the House of Elders

August 4, 2019

Fazil Hadi Muslimyar Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga met with Mr. Ali Larijani President of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.


During the meeting, Mr. Larijani welcomed the Speaker of the Senate and his colleagues and remembered the ancient and long-standing commonalities between the two countries and praised the Afghan people's heroism and their fight against terrorism. Mr. Larijani said that Iran has provided facilities for the children of Afghan immigrants, so they could pursue their education and noted that they are ready to launch an


alternative scheme to solve concerned business problems. Moreover, The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly discussed on Afghan Peace process and said his country supports the process which is under the leadership of the Afghan government and the meetings of Afghan peace without an Afghan government representative is ineffective, also, he expressed interest in being ready to cooperate in the security sector following the Afghan government's request. At the end of his speech, he discussed the water dispute between the two countries.

Then, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar thanked for the formal invitation and providing new facilities for the education of the Afghan immigrant children.


Furthermore, he hoped for the honest fight against terrorism and added that our neighbors will play a sincere role in bringing the supporters of terrorism under pressure. The Speaker of the House added that we want permanent peace and prosperity in Afghanistan, but the peace process should only be under the leadership of the Afghanistan government and because there are doubts about the Taliban's dialogue with Khalilzad.


Likewise, he spoke of the serious will of the Afghan government and the heroic struggle of the security forces against other terrorist groups, and also spoke of the meeting of Iranian officials with Taliban representatives, stating that some neighbors should not support another terrorist group. They have to work along with the Afghan government to crack down terrorists without any distinction of good and bad. The Speaker of the House added that we want good relations with our neighboring countries and we expect them to respect our national interest. At the end of his speech he stated that in accordance with international law and existing agreements, the water share of both countries should be considered.


  In the end, Speaker of both countries in a press conference shared information about the meeting