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Saturday 11 July 2020

The Press office of the House of Elders

July 31, 2019

 The Upper House extraordinary chairpersons’ committee session held with the attendance of acting ministers of defense and interior affairs.


The session well-remembered tribute to the sacrifices, achievements, offensive operations and patriotism of the country's security and discussed regarding on issues such as reducing civilian casualties during air and ground operations, clearing areas of occupation by terrorist groups, especially in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces, causes of commando casualties in Badghis province, securing highways, the livelihood of security forces, the lack of personnel in some provinces, using the experience of retired generals', identifying enemy intruders, establishment and reinforcement of essential security shells and some other issues were raised in the session.

Afterward, Asadullah Khaled, acting of the Ministry of National Defense discussed organizing regular plans to clear areas of terrorist groups and secure highways and said the Taliban were keen to fall Kunduz, Ghazni and Uruzgan provinces and show their high achievements during Qatar talks, but they were hit hard and the attacks of the country's defense forces intensified to destroy them.


Moreover, he said about the recent rumors that civilians were killed in airstrikes in Wardak and Logar province, but careful investigation indicates that the enemies have suffered heavy casualties and there were no civilian casualties. Also, he reminded of the successful operations of commandos in different parts of the country, saying that the commandos' casualties in Badghis are under investigation and will decide about its causes and factors.

 Subsequently, Massoud Andrabi acting of Ministry of interior affairs recalled the Taliban's failed Al-Fath operation and their heavy casualties in various parts of the country. He added that there were regular plans to get out of problems which is at the Interior Ministry, which would reduce police casualties and solve other problems through change, promotion, equipment. The acting Interior Minister assured on the increase in provincial police formation that as a result of evaluation, some police commanders will be replaced by talented personnel.


 At the end of the session, Fazl Hadi Muslim Yar expressed his gratitude to the participation of security authorities in the session, and emphasized that the suggestions made by the senators to improve the security situation should be followed up.