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Tuesday 07 July 2020

 The Press office of the House of Elders

July 23, 2019 

Meshrano Jirga emphasized on the commitments of Afghanistan and the United States, and considered the recent remark by the U.S President against Afghanistan irresponsible and contrary to the principles of diplomacy.


The session which held in two parts by Speaker of the House and Second deputy speaker of the House, the Senators strongly condemns the Inopportune and a non-responsible recent remark by the US President Donald Trump that in a press conference said that he can end Afghanistan's war in ten days, but that it would cause the deaths of millions of people and Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth.". The Senator considered this remark contrary to the principles of diplomacy.

in the part of the Session, some Senators expressed concern over the increase in insecurity in the country, especially the fall of the Strategic District of Kran and Mejnan in Badakhshan Province to the hands of terrorists and its negative effects on neighboring provinces, saying that the widespread corruption in the corps and the ineffectiveness of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense have made the situation disaster, as well as their concerns about civilian casualties in terrorist attacks and air bombardments, which several civilians have lost their lives in the Logar province, all of which undermine the leadership of the defense and security sector, which must be addressed.

Also, a number of discussions were made regarding the remark of former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Hossein Haqqani, who said the Taliban did not believe in the elections and who wanted to capture Afghanistan by force after the withdrawal of US troops. They also asked the country's politicians to take a stand on the current situation in relation to current affairs. So that the future of the country does not face serious dangers.


The problems of the people from traffic jams at Kabul city in terms of road construction, the assassination of one religious scholar at Salman Fars School in Kapisa province,  criticizing the Ministry of Finance's dual deal to not informing the Badakhshan senators during the signing of a memorandum of understanding, and the interruption of telecommunication networks in Balkh, investigating the comments made by Ata Mohammad Noor, the former governor of Balkh, the ineffectiveness of the Afghan ambassador to the United Kingdom and the widespread corruption in the embassy of Afghanistan in London, Complaints by the general ANA personnel against the inadequacy of their material and spiritual rights, and some other concerned issues were raised in the Session.

Speaker of the House, also denounced Tramp's remarks and said he was unable to destroy several terrorist groups during his period, so it would be desirable to wipe off Afghanistan from the map in ten days. He also added that Afghanistan, as an independent country, and has a security pact with Washington, in which the responsibilities of both sides are included and also the people of Afghanistan have a great deal of friendship with the United States.

 Moreover, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga addressed the Taliban, saying that now that the Pakistani Prime Minister has guaranteed the negotiation of you, so now are you are an independent group or is it the hands of the Pakistanis? It is better to stop the stupidity and to negotiate directly with the Afghan government and make Afghanistan free from all conspiracy. He also asked the politician, that the plans of the Americans are not clear, it is necessary to leave internal dissent in order to safe the country and to cooperate in the presidential elections.


Then, a brief report from the first session of the first year of the seventeenth legislature of the Meshrano Jirga was presented by Maulavi Abdullah Qarluq and Faisal Sami Deputy Secretary of the House.  At the end, activity report of the Commission on Hearing Complaints was presented by Senator Gul Ahmad Azimi which its detail will be released in the news of the commissions.