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Saturday 11 July 2020

The Press office of the House of Elders

July 21, 2019

Armed opponents of the government, with heavy losses in the battlefield and their maneuvers during peace talks, takes revenge from civilian.


During the plenary session of the House led by Speaker of the House, the Senators expressed their concerns regarding the civilian casualties in the Taliban attack on the Kabul university gate entrance and also at the Kandahar police headquarter, and said that the Taliban group with their peace propaganda once again brutally killed the civilian which were not engaged in any confrontation with them

During the session, the Senators expressed their concerns over the mysterious martyrdom of General Abdul Mabin Mojtaba, commander of the ANA to Ghazni province and also the Martyrdom of General Abdul Ghaffar Ahmadzai, who was responsible for protecting the President's house was a cause of regret and anger for the House members. Also, The Senators strongly criticized the lack of eliminating of terrorist plans, weak management and the leadership that caused to casualties to more than thirty commandos in an ambush in the Aab-kamri district of Badghis province. Senators also reminded of the poor security situation in Badakhshan, Badghis, Jawzjan, Faryab, Saripul and Paktia provinces and other areas of the country and added that in the Kran and Manjian districts of Badakhshan province, the Azeri mines were captured by the Taliban group and also in the Baghi Bala of Badghis province, the base of ANA surrounded by the Taliban which is a serious alarm.


Also, The Kabul Municipality's plan to punish those who throw dirty into non-identified areas was welcomed and urged citizens to take serious responsibility for cleanliness of the city. Furthermore, the members' emphasis on the use of the word martyr from the media to the defense and national defense forces of the country who lose their lives against the terrorists, the emphasis on holding the presidential election in Its scheduled time, Revising the peace process with the Taliban group, Criticizes those who want to to create an interim administration in the current situation and some other concerned issues were discussed in the Session.

In summarizing up part of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed about the above raised concerned issues by the Senators.


 In the end, Report of the first session of the 17th legislature term of the Commission on Women and Civil Society affairs presented by Senator Suhaila Sharifi, Report of the Commission on National Economic and budget by Senator Saliha Mihrzad, Report of the Commission on defense and internal security by Senator Mahmood Khan Khakrizwal and report of the Commission on international affairs was presented by Senator Fawzia Sadat.