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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

June 9, 2019


A number of government officials today responded to Senators' questions about the devaluation of the Afghani currency, foreign currency smuggling through ports, and exchanges of Toman and PAK rupees in some provinces.


The Upper House plenary session which led by Muhammad Alam Ezadyar first deputy speaker of the House, Senator Muhammad Azim Qoyash representing the House commission on national economic, finance and budget and other Senators raised questions regarding devaluation of the Afghani currency, foreign currency smuggling through ports, and exchanges of Toman and PAK rupees in some provinces.

Later, Khalil Siddiq, Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) said the level of domestic products and business balances is a key factor in boosting or reducing the value of money. According to official statistics, Afghanistan's imports are far higher than its exports, and, along with other political and economic factors, this factor may lead to instability of the Afghani currency, and if the DAB bank's measures were not taken in selling dollars to the market and other measures, then the Afghan money would have more destabilized. He added that Recently, with the sale of billing documents, the central bank has sold more than a billion dollars in the market and collected 89 billion AFN, which is currently controlling monetary inflation (fluctuations) and we are in better condition than other countries of the region.


Governor of Central Bank said about forty percent of imports are taking place from Iran and Pakistan, and any positive and negative actions in these countries will have a direct effect on the rate of goods and the economy of Afghanistan.

In addition, billions of dollars are being imported into these countries for trading purposes and physical transfers, because of the sanctions imposed on Iran and the economic problems in Pakistan, these cashes cannot be entered through banks.

   Then, Abdullah Raqibi Deputy Revenue and Customs of Department of the Ministry of Finance said that the openness of the borders is a major factor in smuggling dollars and reminded of the efforts to install scanners at ports and terminals, and also to install security cameras, to balance the scales and to activate the tracking system. Moreover, he expressed his concerns about the involvement of powerful people in hiring employees, he said working procedures were in place to hire employees through free competition and in the future, the customs faculty would be created to attract professional people.


Subsequently, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) reminded of some measures, including the prevention of smuggling of two million dollars. The Senators demanded serious and appropriate measures to stabilize the national currency.

In open part of the Session Speaker and members of the House Thanked the achievements of the country's defense and security forces in Ghazni province and their security measures during Eid Days.

In the Session, a number of Senators expressed concern on suicide and explosive events in month of Ramadan, in particular the casualties of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commissioners. The civilian casualties began when Zalmay Khalilzad began seventh round of talks with the Taliban group, and people believe that the hateful groups do not want to believe in peace. They are trying to kill civilians and try to create horror, which should need to be treated decisively with them, as well as countries that are not involved in the war in Afghanistan, including Saudi Arabia should act as mediator.


Moreover, martyrdom case of Fawad Andarabi Battalion Commander to Salma Dam protection, casualties of local police in district of Dawlatyar of Ghor province, worries regarding holding parliamentary election in the Ghazni province, and other concerned issues were raised in the Session.